What is Energy Psychotherapy?

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We All Have An Energy System

 For hundreds of years Psychotherapy in the west, has been predominantly mind orientated often called, Talk Therapy.

 We now are coming into a time of so much change and with this, is more awareness around the idea that, our thoughts affect our body.

Our experiences and then, feelings, result in held emotion within the body. 

In recent years, many highly skilled professionals like Pat Ogden, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Gabor Mate, Daniel J. Siegel and others, have proven time and time again, that  shock and trauma is stored in our bodies, often for many years.  Working with Energy Psychotherapy can help, the body/mind to integrate and heal.

“The emotional brain initiates preprogrammed escape plans, like the fight-or-flight responses. These muscular and physiological reactions are automatic, set in motion without any thought or planning on our part, leaving our conscious, rational capacities to catch up later, often well after the threat is over.”

                                              — Bessel Van Der KolkThe Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

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Energy Psychotherapy

To be an EP, I trained after my initial studies to be a psychotherapeutic Counsellor, this means the integration of two trainings brings lots of knowledge and an ability to hold what might come up.

I would help you to work with energy in the body, often called somatic work, as the body holds a large amount of information for us to listen into.

As an integrative therapist this makes much sense to me, I work with meridian points in the body, in a similar way to how an acupuncturist, uses needles, I use tapping on certain points. This has an affect on the body and helps, connect body/mind by re-firing a gentle trigger response, this in turn can release thoughts and feelings, allowing the client to gain wisdom from the body.

I might work with the intelligence of the body, commonly known as Chakras, often talked about in yoga, these centres hold information and stimulate the body to heal if they are in balance, sometimes these areas in the body are, known as small, brains within the body.

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Feeling Disconnected?

Working with new positive statements, built  together from understanding our negative core beliefs, client and therapist using conscious breathing and saying statements, work to re-build mind/body integration, honouring the process of the body feeling safe.

Doing this with Ask and Receive, devised by Sandi Radomski