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Welcome to my site

I am a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and have continued to study in many areas such as addiction, impulse control behaviour, domestic violence, mindfulness, and many other areas.

I have also just completed a Diploma in Energy Psychotherapy.

I Love my work because I work with people but also because it allows for constant growth and change. 

Here are some of my thoughts below, around what therapy represents in my mind.


Latin- Coniunctionem- Alliance, Union, Joining
Connection: Generally thought to mean, to be in alignment with something or another.  The state of being connected; it's about forming relationships where there is potential for being understood better, or two things working well together.
connection feels to me to be an opportunity to change ourselves through inspiration and trust.



Latin- Compati- Suffer with

Compassion: Generally thought of as, a feeling of sympathy for others, whereas being compassionate, is about being motivated to help someone who is suffering.

Compassion to me feels like giving back and that is important to me,


Latin - Authenticus- Original, Genuine

Authenticity: Generally thought of as;  Being the way we might relate with freedom in the real world, not based on or influenced by system constructs, values or ideology.

Authenticity feels to me like, through personal growth and or therapy we can find our true self again.

By challenging our personal integrity, societal beliefs and pressures, by understanding our familial patterns we are more able to come into our authentic self. 


Latin- Mutatio- Transformation, to Modify, to Shift, Develop, a Transition
Change: Generally thought to mean;  to adjust something or to do it differently, to improve or to redo, to realign
Change feels to me to mean, there is always hope because  there is always change, everything changes.
Change is why I do the work I do, once we understand everything changes,we realise there is hope. 
We need hope to shift into new ways of being, interacting and moving forward.


Latin - Integer- Complete,Wholeness
Integrity : Generally thought to be a quality of honesty, morally determined, being congruent and internally consistent with your beliefs and actions.
Integrity feels to me, to be our individual moral compass.
At times in our lives we  can get mislead or corrupted due to outside influences, I believe therapy is a powerful way to engage  and explore your moral ideals and realign them.


My Story

I completed 4 years of training in Australia at the University of Notre Dame which resulted in a BA in Counselling. I then went on to work for Centre Care, a non-profit counselling agency in Perth, Western Australia. While at Centre Care I continued to study, completing courses such as training in gambling help, Mental Health First Aid, mindfulness and many others. During this time I specialised in working with people struggling with gambling addictions, facilitating group therapy and one-to-one general counselling.


I have worked with clients in a variety of settings including men and women in prison, and young people in schools. In addition to this I have trained staff at the Crown Casino in Perth and Lottery West on gambling awareness.

Since being a counsellor, I’ve focused on helping my clients move into clearer places where they can make choices and be more confident to do this alone. Confidence comes with authenticity and a knowing about yourself.

Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of you living a full and happier life. Give yourself the gift of the moment.

Therapy can help to correct some of the difficulties we face in understanding ourselves, how we can trust and honor our full potential.  Therapy can help with communication, help us to feel adequately calmer, more confident and become more our authentic self. 


I’m a BACP registered therapist based in London but work with clients in the west country and all over the country and world due to Covid restrictions at the moment  - working with me can help you move toward healing and self-discovery.


Since I began counselling in 2009, I have worked with many different  clients with problems such as grief and loss, separations, gambling addiction, smoking addiction and burnout, to name a few.


Need To Talk?

Life can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting, I hope to guide you through any obstacles you may face. My goal is to help you understand yourself more deeply and better cope with change. 

Contact Me

If you don't get me, leave a message, as I may be in session and I will get back to as soon as I can.

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