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Counselling and therapy I feel are an investment in yourself, it is easy for us to see it as something expensive or as if it is a luxury, yet in my mind to not invest in our mental health seems almost irresponsible, who will pick us up when we are down, is it not, each of our own responsibility to invest and care for our health, physical and mental.

I realise some struggle more than others to afford to pay for something like counselling and I  have always been happy to talk about this and will offer a sliding scale of fees to clients. I would never want someone to feel it was out of reach.


I Love my work because I work with people but also because it allows for constant growth and change within myself, it's a job which calls for ongoing learning and personal growth, through having supervision and studying within the professional field of therapy. 

My Story

I grew up in Spain, lived in Australia, France and London and enjoy people and working with people,

I believe, therapy can help to correct some of the difficulties we face in understanding ourselves, how we can trust and honor our full potential. 

Therapy can help with communication, help us to feel adequately calmer, more confident and become more our authentic self. 


I’m a BACP registered therapist based in London but work with clients in the west country and all over the country.

 Working with me could help you move toward healing and a more indepth sense of self, through reflection and the therapeutic process.   It is a case of having to, trust the process as we  build the therapeutic relationship together and work together towards a more free and open sense of self.


Since I began counselling in 2009, I have worked with many different  clients with problems such as grief and loss, Separations, Relationship Issues, Gambling addiction, Smoking addiction, Acute anxiety, Self Inflicted Pain (Self Harm) and Burnout, to name a few.

I think to have counselling, to take the first step is brave and I realise it can feel quite overwhelming, rest assured in the knowing you will work at your own pace and deal with what needs to be dealt with as it arises.

With my support and in the knowledge that you have what you need within you to come through whatever storms may present, we can move forward together to a clearer and more manageable way of being. 


Need To Talk?

Life can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting, I hope to guide you through any obstacles you may face.

My goal is to help you understand yourself more deeply and better cope with change. 

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If you don't get me, leave a message, as I may be in session and I will get back to as soon as I can.

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