Online Counselling

I'm offering online counselling through Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or phone.

Although it may seem odd to work online, it can work extremely well.

I do hope to get back in the room at some time in the future.

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Individual Therapy

I come from a background of Person-Centered therapy which allows the client to take an active role in the process.

We will work together, moving into a clearer Place.

Sessions cost  £60.00

After 6pm       £65.00


Please get in touch to discuss my fees

If money is an issue for you.

 I am happy to negotiate if this feels to unmanageable.

If your a student or out of work do still get in touch.


Couples Counselling

Sometimes we all need a little help to communicate effectively to process something difficult or just to reconnect.

Sometimes it helps to speak to someone who's objective.

I am experienced in working with couples.

Couples cost   £75.00

After 6pm       £80.00

Again do get in touch if this is a struggle and we can negotiate if your a student or out of work.

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