Gagging Clauses

Updated: Sep 19, 2021


Yet again someone who is suffering is led up the garden path in their vulnerable state they are often unable to make clear choices,

BBC Radio 4 spoke about this last week on the program ‘You and Yours’ looking at these gagging contracts where gamblers are offered money to sign a contract so they can’t contact the Gambling Commission to complain.

The unbelievable thing about this is offering money to gambling addicts, so causing more harm!

It would seem that much of this is illegal and done in breach of many of the rules around confidentiality.

The whole idea of the Gambling Commission, is to protect people from these kind of situations.

These gagging clauses seem to go against the whole idea. Gamblers are encouraged to still get in touch with the lawyers associated with writing up these gagging clauses or the Gambling Commission as these clauses appear to not be legal. Again it seems to be about using money as power, with no regard for human suffering in this industry.

Have a listen to BBC radio on line. You and Yours is the show it was on.

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