10Big Questions about your Gambling behavior...

Sometimes when we reach a point in life that feels like we are so stuck there is no out route... its time to ask some Big Questions!

By not asking questions of our selves we are remaining stuck and in denial, this is not a way to any form of change and certainly not permanent change.

It takes bravery and courage to reach out for HELP.

  1. Are you stressed when you think about Gambling?

  2. Is gambling affecting your health?

  3. Do you Gamble when you don't feel good about yourself or something in your life?

  4. Do you lose work time over Gambling?

  5. Do you Gamble with money that is for important things like bills, rent or school meals? 

  6. Do you borrow money to Gamble?

  7. Do you  see Gambling as a celebratory past time?

  8. Have you ever considered breaking the law to Gamble?

  9. Do you spend more time than you thought you did Gambling?

  10. Do you ever have suicidal ideation (thoughts) around your Gambling?

A counsellor can help you understand the feelings of Impulsivity and help you come through the shame you may be feeling as this is a normal reaction to where you may be at when Gambling becomes really problematic.​

                                          When is it Risky to Gamble

When your down

When your stressed

If your home alone

As a celebration

when your angry or sad

When your bored

                                          How to Cut the Risk

Connect with people you care about

Manage your moods

Pay all bills and necessities

Keep active and engaged in life

Ask for support with managing your finances

Use a self ban such as GamBan or Gamblock, self exclude.

Its always worth trying something that might Help.

A counsellor can help you understand why your  chasing your losses , the cycle you feel you get into and support you to feel like your old self, if you put the effort in there is no reason to not come out of these feelings of dread and worry.