Online counselling

I'm offering online counselling through Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or phone. Although it may seem odd to work online, it can work extremely well.


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As a psychotherapeutic Counsellor I have experience in working with clients who have been struggling with a variety of issues and am happy to discuss anything you need. I come from a background of Person-Centered therapy which allows the client to take an active role in the process. We will work together.

Please get in touch to discuss my fees

If money is an issue for you, please still get in touch.



Sometimes we all need a little help to communicate effectively to process something difficult or just to reconnect.

Sometimes it helps to speak to someone who's objective.

I am experienced in working with couples and am available for joint sessions.


Do get in touch about fees


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Anxiety is not a weakness it is our bodies, telling us it's time to pay attention .

Time to be Curious

Feeling Sad

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Have you been through some sad times? are you feeling tired a lot and even lethargic? do you find it hard to connect?

Talking to a professional can help lift the sadness.

Relationship breakdown

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Are you feeling lonely even though your in a relationship? are you feeling disconnected and less like yourself?

Counselling can help you decide if you want to work on or finish your relationship.

Above the Clouds


Feeling out of control, and have no where to turn?

Are you struggling with issues related to gambling? There comes a time when we need some help to address gambling behavior or to begin to understand the constant pull, Impulse Control Behavior or addiction has on ones life. 

You may be thinking you need help.

I have 5 years experience and training, specializing in gambling support, there is no judgment, just support to understand, chasing, the highs and lows and other difficult aspects of problem gambling.  My goal is to help you understand your behavior and your yourself more deeply , to better cope with  permanent change.