Problem With  Gambling?

A few questions you could ask your-self if you feel your  Gambling, might be becoming a problem.

How does  Problem Gambling  Impact You in different areas of your life?

Around who you are

  • Losing sense of self

  • Others don't  recognize  me anymore

  • My relationships  don't look the same

  • I can't connect or feel connected  with myself or others

  • Feeling alone

Around Health

  • Not taking care of your  basic needs, eating well, sleeping well etc.

  • Tired a lot

  • Anxious

  • Worried a lot

  • Suicidal Ideation (thoughts)

Around Work 

  • Loss of concentration, focus and interest in job

  • Absenteeism 

  • Putting self and others at risk due to lack of focus

  • Loss of job

Around Finance

Problem Gambling has many effects on the person doing the gambling,  but also on others around them,

 their partners , family friends and colleges .

Unhealthy  gambling can lead people into places they may never had imagined they would go to.

I have worked with people who are professional  who have become so embroiled in their behavior that they have engaged in lying, and sometimes stealing, to get the finance they needed , this can lead to prison in extreme cases.

I have supported people  who have gone over the boundary that they never would imagine stepping over to feed their habit and to chase the losses.

We all know financial issues have a high stress label attached  and how this can impact on all levels of relationships,  by the time people come to counselling they often are in a pretty bad place and often experiencing suicidal thoughts.

I hope this information might make someone think, maybe its best  to reach out before I lose my self and possibly others I love.

The impulse is what needs to be addressed and this is possible, its not easy but it is possible.

The first step is to take responsibility and do the things you can like make an appointment with a therapist who knows how to work with a Gambling Problem and to look at what you can do to support yourself before that begins, such as  Gamban for online gambling , GamStop, you can also talk to your local betting office, they should offer what help they can and  help you self Ban, this gives you some breathing space to really see what the damage is and find ways to get back to yourself and feeling more in control of the impulses that come with addiction.

'Think Before You Act'  is the main  area to begin working towards... sounds easy but its not when you have an impulse control behavior or addiction to something like Gambling . 

In counselling we start  working to educate, listen and help you  understand what's got you into this  destructive addiction and impulsive behavior, doing this with empathy and understanding.

This is often something people who have been gambling for a long time may not be getting from friends or family because they have had enough of the lying and excuses. Leading to deep  feelings of shame and regret which can become a cycle of pain and suffering for all involved.

As a counsellor who has sat with hundreds if not thousands of clients I am well aware of how brave it is to reach out for counselling and I hope the stigma associated with having help with a serious problem is seen more as a way to take responsibility for your actions and to work in a held space to unlock knowledge, understanding and some self care so you are able to move into a better place to begin the healing process and move towards permanent change in this  destructive  behavior.