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About Me

I am a BACP registered therapist based in Sutton (London) but work with clients all over the UK and overseas. Working with me could help you move toward healing and a more in-depth sense of self through reflection and the therapeutic process. It is a case of having to trust the process as we build the therapeutic relationship together and work towards a more free and open sense of self.

My Story

I was born in Spain (Ibiza) to English parents and grew up there until I was a teenager and since then have lived in England, Australia (where I trained), France and for the past 10 years I have been back in England.  

I began university in my 30’s which meant I came to it with a bit more life experience and also as a mother. I originally studied Gender and Cultural Studies which was fascinating, however, I transferred to a BA in Counselling because I realised that was really what I was passionate about. I completed a 4 year degree at Notre Dame University in Fremantle which was very intensive and included placements, much like a teaching programme in the UK does. Before my degree finished I was offered a job at one of these placements, a non-profit counselling agency in Perth, Western Australia. 

Whilst at this agency I continued to study, completing courses such as training in gambling help, Mental Health First Aid, mindfulness and many others. During this time I specialised in working with people and their family’s struggling particularly with gambling addictions. Through this I provided educational support, facilitated group therapy and provided one-to-one general counselling. ​During this time I also worked with a number of clients in prison to help them deal with their addictions. 

After my work in the non-profit sector I moved back to London to be close to family and have been working for myself, with clients through my private practice. I continue to study and have recently qualified with a Diploma in Energy Psychotherapy, and completed Professional Skills Level 1 in Emotional Freedom Technique - also known as Tapping - which is becoming an increasingly popular tool, to manage anxiety in particular. I have been someone who practices meditation and mindfulness for many years and am happy to bring these tools into a session if and when a client feels this could benefit them.  

Having worked with a wide range of people privately, as well as in settings such as schools, prisons and the NHS I bring experience and an open and empathic outlook to my sessions. To have counselling and take the first step is brave, I realise it can feel quite overwhelming. I hope by knowing a little about me, you may feel more comfortable to work with me. Please know, you will work at your own pace and deal with what needs to be dealt with as it arises.

My Podcast

Since 2020 I have created and produced MindSet, a podcast focused on discussing counselling and therapy in a relaxed, open manner. My hope is that by talking about different areas of counselling - as well as mental health and related topics - its profile and efficacy will be increased. I regularly release new episodes and you can listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Latest episode:

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